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Advantages of Attending a Reno Yoga Class

Yoga is one of the best exercises out there because practically anyone can do it. Yoga can help with a host of health issues, too – it’s for more than just improving flexibility and stretching! Certain types of yoga are just for relaxation, while other types are for so much more. Yoga improves everything from pain and flexibility to sickness and disease.

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Health Benefits of Yoga

Bone Health

Weight-bearing exercise is good for strengthening bones and keeping osteoporosis at bay. Since several yoga poses require you to lift your own weight, it’s a great way to keep your bones healthy. Many poses strengthen the bones in your arms, which are especially vulnerable to osteoporosis fractures.


Yoga involves a certain amount of meditation and breathing awareness. You’ll begin paying attention to your breath and how you breathe, which promotes relaxation. However, keep in mind that yoga isn’t usually considered aerobic exercise, unless you’re doing a particularly intense style of yoga or you’re practicing in a heated room.


A lot of people report feeling relaxed and less stressed after a yoga session. If you need extra help quieting your mind, practice a type of yoga that involves a lot of meditation. Also, try to focus a lot on your breathing as you move through the poses.

Heart Health

Yoga has been shown to slow heart rate and lower blood pressure. People who have high blood pressure or heart disease, or who have had a stroke, benefit from a slower heart rate. Yoga has also been linked to lower triglyceride levels and cholesterol, as well as improved immune system functioning.


The different yoga poses help to stretch out different muscles. This helps you to move better and feel less stiff. You also may notice that you get an energy boost and that you feel less tired than normal. After just a few weeks of yoga, you can increase your flexibility by as much as 35 percent.

Joint Health

Whenever you practice yoga, you walk your joints through their complete range of motion. This can help to ward off arthritis because it uses parts of your cartilage that are usually ignored.

Spine Health

Your spinal discs, which absorb shocks between the vertebrae, need movement in order to get the nutrients they need. Yoga that incorporates plenty of back exercises, like twists and bends, will keep your spinal discs supple. If you have back pain, we also recommend our favorite Reno Chiropractors.


Certain types of yoga, like power yoga and ashtanga, are especially physical. Practicing these types of yoga will help you to increase both muscle tone and strength. Even styles of yoga that aren’t as vigorous, like hatha or lyengar, can still improve your strength and your endurance. Poses that help build upper body strength include upward dog, downward dog and plank. Standing poses will help strengthen your abs, hamstrings and quadriceps. Poses like the chair pose and upward dog will strengthen your back. Plus, practically every pose helps to strengthen your abs. Yoga strength article by Yoga Journal.


When you’re strong and flexible, your posture will improve. Since both the standing and the sitting yoga poses require core strength, your core muscles will strengthen the more you practice yoga. You’ll automatically increase your posture as a result. Plus, yoga helps people become more conscious of their body. You’ll start to notice when you’re slumping or slouching and you’ll begin to adjust your posture on a regular basis.

The top three health benefits of yoga

Yoga is the art of stretching out your body by bending and flexing. These stretches are usually combined with deep breathing routines. Stretches are held for a relatively short amount of time, while the person doing yoga takes deep breaths in and out for the duration of the stretch. This sends oxygen directly into the area that is being stretched. After a short yoga session, a person may feel better, and doing yoga generally helps people feel rejuvenated or relaxed.

Doing yoga can have many health benefits including a feel good sensation, and improved mood. Yoga has been practiced for many years and may be considered an art form. Yoga instructors are trained in the art, and can help to provide you with a routine of yoga exercises that suits your individual physicality. The health benefits of yoga are vast. Here’s the top three, just to name a few:

First of all, doing yoga stretches out the muscle tissue all over our bodies. This helps to increase circulation throughout the body. Combined with deep breathing, oxygen levels increase in the blood while the body is being stretched. The improved circulation helps to deliver nutrients and oxygen to the cells and tissue more effectively. The result is a decrease in inflammation, which leads to improved health. Being flexible and stretched out makes muscles more receptive to beneficial nutrients and oxygen rich red blood cells.

Secondly, doing yoga gives us flexibility in our joints. It works with the tendons and helps them to stretch out a little. Yoga helps us keep these joints flexible and uses them to their fullest in many stretches. This in turn makes the tendons stronger, and the joints healthier. Some yoga focuses on decompressing our joints. This process can lead to healthier feeling joints and tendons as well as a relaxed feeling.

When both of the first two aforementioned things are working together, you simply just feel better and more healthy after practicing yoga. As it is said, a sound body makes for a sound mind. By using yoga to stretch our bodies and to increase oxygen levels in our blood, we feel better. Psychologically, this leads to improved moods which in turn leads to healthier lifestyle decisions. Healthy bodies with increased oxygen levels make for happier people.

An experience yoga instructor can help you find the stretches you need for what areas of your body that you would like to work on today. It helps to have someone who knows what they are doing to show you the more advanced postures. These advanced techniques can be difficult and even dangerous without someone there to help you. Be careful, and consult a professional yoga instructor to help you learn and master the art of yoga. You can improve how your body feels, and improve your mood with yoga. Let’s get started today!

Please note- We are not medical professionals. Please consult a licensed medical professional for fitness or other health related advice. Thank you.

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